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1. Toledo, OH – TRC Consulting, INC. is pleased to announce that the artist BUCK69 “When She Whispers Your Name” was officially one of sixty seven albums considered for a Grammy Award Nomination in the Contemporary Blues Category for 2008.

2. BUCK69 was one of ten bands nominated as Artist Of The Year by The Roots Music Association (RMA) in the Blues catagory for 2008.

BUCK69 Receives 2012 Best of Toledo Award
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LOS ANGELES, CA, July 18, 2012 -- BUCK69 has been selected for the 2012 Best of Toledo Award in the Musicians, Bands & Disc Jockeys category by the Toledo Award Program.

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4. Winner 2007 Black Swamp Blues Society Best Self Produced CD!



The biography of BUCK 69 states that the band is influenced by more than three generations of music. This father and son blues rock band claim to be made up of three members over the age of 45 and five members under the age of 30. And when I looked at the picture, with absolutely no further help, I was able to figure out who the three were and who the five were...amazing!

Having said that let me now introduce all eight of them, and not necessarily by age. BUCK 69 consists of: TOM CLAWSON, lead vocals, songwriter and father; ALEX CLAWSON, lead guitar and son; BUZZ ANDERSON, lead guitar; CANDICE COLEMAN, vocals; DAVE ALAN, drums; B J LOVE, keyboards; TODD OVALL, bass; and PAM BERGER, harmonies. On several tracks are special guests JOHN SEVILLA on lead guitar and BOBBY DUNLAP on drums.

You blues rockers don't even need to read this review.....as a matter of fact, just stop right here and go directly to www.buck69.net and buy yourself a copy of "WHEN SHE WHISPERS YOUR NAME". C'mon there's not one, not two, but three lead guitarists.....what are you still doin' here? This disc should've been called "Shootout at the Strat Coral"

The smoke, and the music both start on "T-TOWN", the opening track. This one's all about the CLAWSONS. With a rhythm section that's absolutely on fire behind them, dad and son tear it up on vocals and lead guitar. Plain and simple - ass kickin', rockin' blues at it's best.

The title, and following track, "WHEN SHE WHISPERS YOUR NAME" and "MISERY", temporarily slow things down a bit. On both of these, the band is in a slow but very tight groove with TOM and the ladies doing an absolutely wonderful job on vocals and harmonizing. Very smooth stuff right here.

Good old, down home, Blewzzmans kinda blues is featured on "COLD WIND". Once again, the masterful vocals of TOM, PAM and CANDICE highlight this slow and very soulful ballad. Of course, down home blues is nothing without some low down and dirty guitar licks and there are lots of those provided by BUZZ. Unquestionably one of my favorite tracks on the disc.

Another of "WHEN SHE WHISPERS YOUR NAME" highlights is "SOMETIMES". On this one, with some of DAVE'S best drum work going on behind him, BUZZ absolutely tears it up on guitar. PAM and CANDICE are at discs best on this one as well. The vocals and the harmonizing are constantly sharp and impressive throughout.

"SOMEONE LIKE ME" is another of the slower, more true to the blues tracks. This one features the third of three of the most phenomenal young guitarists this listener has had the pleasure of hearing lately - JOHN SEVILLA . This one is all JOHN and TOM.

Other tracks on "WHEN SHE WHISPERS YOUR NAME", that were not covered due to a lack of space and a fear of setting off the smoke detector over my computer, are: "RISK IT ALL", "NO TIME FOR LOVE", "SEX DRUGS UR MOM AND ME", "SWEET SPOT", "I'M A KING BEE", "THE MONKEY SONG" and "THE BEST PLACE".

Once again, you can check out BUCK 69 by going to www.buck69.net. Although we'll all know you're really there to win the $1069 they're giving away, you can still tell them you came 'cause the Blewzzman sent ya.

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com

Tube saturated guitars and barroom blues originals dominate Buck69's 14-track record, "When She Whispers Your Name". The eight-piece band moves through energetic cuts like opening track 'T-Town', track 3's 'Misery', and medium groover and title-track When She Whispers Your Name before landing with finesse on "Cold Wind". That track 5 is a slow 16-bar blues showcase for the axe wielders of the band while vocals - both lead and background, provide the soul. An award for song titles ought to be given for track 8's, "Sex Drugs UR Mom & Me" - the crybaby lines provided by Alex Clawson answer and fill the lyrical fun, 'I'd be a dead dead man if looks could kill. . .i know it wasn't right, but baby it was just one night. .it was an awful sight to see,. .sex drugs your mom and me'. The production values change a bit when track 11 hits, and vocals are more present and penetrating in cuts like "Someone Like Me" and "I'm a King Bee". The final track, "The Best Place", is a fitting metal blues ending piece as Buck69 sings, 'you're the best place I've ever been'. Overall, the collection is a beer-swiggin, whiskey-slammin, guitar-dominated original club blues record with influences ranging from Stevie to Skynyrd.

Earbuzz.COM review 

Buck 69 is the creation of father/son musical team Tom and Alex Clawson. It is a multi-generational, blues-style jam-band with some off-the-hook guitar playing. For their debut When She Whispers Your Name, they have served up a funk injected blues album that would be the perfect accompaniment to a late night swingers’ party. Why a swingers’ party? I’ll get to that.

“When She Whispers Your Name”, the track for which the album is named, is like the song JJ Cale and Dan Hicks never recorded together. With its cool Rowland-style electric piano, courtesy of BJ Love, and funky guitar by Alex Clawson it creates the mood of a late night on the other side of town. Tom Clawson’s vocals hint at 70’s era Eric Clapton as he sings the words “What about the night? / who’s gonna get you through the night?” This up-beat little number could very well be that perfect song the band is searching for.

On the blues-rock ballad “Good Days Bad Days”, Tom Clawson sings about what it takes to live through each day with the loss of his son Thomas – to whom the album When She Whispers Your Name is dedicated. The song isn’t as depressing as it would seem, it has a down-to-earth optimism and the music just feels good, and Alex plays the sort of sustained guitar that is at the heart of classic rock.

On the other hand, “The Monkey Song” is like the joke that went on for too long. It is either a rambunctious song for children about a pet monkey, or a raunchy song from a man who likes his woman to keep her panty zone free of hair. Judging by another song title, “Sex Drugs Ur Mom & Me”, it’s a safe bet that children weren’t even a consideration. After about two minutes I’d say I got the joke, but the song goes on for another three minutes and twelve seconds.

Slightly less obvious in its innuendo is “Sweet Spot”, an advisory song about how to keep your lady happy. This track features Alex cookin’ up the chicken-fat on guitar, and it exhibits the band firing on all cylinders with a tight and funky groove.

Buck 69 is a solid band with various great songs and some over-the-top guitars, but I hesitate to recommend When She Whispers Your Name to everyone because of the lyrical content of several tracks. This offering is for an audience that shares that special lifestyle; one where bath robed men keep exotic oils on their night-stand and the women can dance for hours in six-inch stiletto heels. Alright… that last part was bullshit; this album is actually a superb example of adult-themed American biker-bar rock.

Chad Adams - August 17, 2005 © MuzikReviews.com

Jordan Warford here, Editorial Manager for Guitar Tips. 

You've probably noticed by now that this editor has a thing for blues... Not just any blues but soulful blues. That's why I flipped out when Tommy sent me an email responding to my cry for new bands to be featured in our newsletters. Not only is Buck69 talented, well put together and ready for the big stage but they also have a tone that keeps you coming back for more.
The use of lead and rhythm guitar is done to a classic drumbeat and vocals that rock the house. This band is there for the music and it's that transparency that makes them uniquely refreshing. If you like to dance, sing and shout, I have a feeling that Buck69 is for you. As I danced around my office when I was checking this band out, I could hardly imagine how much fun it would be to see them live.
I highly recommend this band to anyone who enjoys rock or blues. Very impressive licks mixed in with a great drumbeat that makes a groove you can't help but listen to. If you want to listen to their tracks for yourself, click here to see the sample they have hosted.
I have very high expectations for this group and have no doubts that they will continue to improve as they walk up the ladder to a major record deal and national attention. Best of luck from everyone here at Guitar Tips! 

Congratulations, Buck69!

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One of Toledo's Finest
Reviewer: Jim McEowen
This is a well produced, great sounding CD of blues based (mostly) original music that gets funky, rocks out, features a lot of soul, often all in the same tune. Guitar fans will find a lot to listen to in each and every tune. The lead and background vocals are all well executed. Rythm section is tight, and you get a keyboard solo every now and then too. Extra points for the profesional looking artwork. I first saw Buck69 as a two piece act years ago, and this expanded lineup really does justice to both the original and cover material. This is a class package.

10 words or less
Reviewer: mike lindler aka cool toot
love it great blues makes me want to dance damn

amazing sounds, high energy, great vocals, lyrics we can all relate to
Reviewer: Bobbeeam
A great high energy listen. The guitars really talk to you and the raw emotions come out in every song. A must have for the electric blue, soulful, rocking out hearts everywhere!!!!!!!

Fantastic, haven't heard Great New music for a long time.
Reviewer: T-Man
Let's return to the era of good guitar string bending music. This cd rocks. I haven't heard great new music like this for a long time. This is pure music, not a machine altering, manufactured sound, but pure music. Turn it on and close your eyes as your senses take you away.

Reviewer: Patty
I Love it, I listen to it in my car every day,

Buck 69
"No Medicine Like The Blues"
By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © December 20 
It's been six years since I've last heard from Buck 69, and as the saying goes - good things are worth waiting for.  The band is back with their second release and it's title is something I'd like to hear my doctor say one day...."No Medicine Like The Blues". 
With minor personnel changes, the nucleus of the seven piece blues rock-band has pretty much stayed in tact over the years.  However, this particular project includes several special guests.  On "No Medicine Like The Blues", Buck 69 consists of: Tom Clawson on vocals & rhythm guitar; his son Alex Clawson on lead & rhythm guitar, bass, drums, vocals and back up vocals; Candice Coleman Lange on vocals and back up vocals; John Sevilla on lead & rhythm guitar, bass, drums and back up vocals; Randy Paredes on lead and slide guitar; B.J. Love on keyboards; and David Alan on drums.  The special guests include: Johnny Neel on keyboards; Ryan Sondergeld, Stan Stahl and Olaf Gerhardt on horns; Betsy Cranston on cello; Brian Davidson on guitar; Dennis Gulley on bass; Daryl Burgess on drums, and Bobbie Clawson on back up vocals. 
Lots of good musicians, playing lots of different instruments, making lots of good music - sixteen tracks and seventy minutes of it to be exact.  Now let me tell you 'bout a few.....     
The CD opens with your basic full throttle smoker called "These Blues".  It features a ferocious rhythm pace led by David on drums with John not only helping the cause on bass but tearing it up on lead guitar as well.  Stealing a title of a movie, this one's fast and furious.
I always enjoy it when one of the best songs on a CD also happens to be the longest.  I feel like it's a double treat - something very good and lots of it.  This is the case on the title track, "No Medicine Like The Blues".  It's mostly a slow blues song - which makes it even more enjoyable - on which Tom does an excellent job of belting out some very soulful lyrics.  Midway through it's nearly nine minutes, John picks up the pace from his absolutely amazing, slow, scorching blues leads to an even more amazing two minute lead that's mind blowing hot.  Very good stuff!
"Without My Baby" features the lovely, melodic and wide ranging vocals of Candice.  It's a gentle song with delicate - yet wonderfully done guitar and keyboard highlights by Alex and B. J. and soft, mellow rhythm by David and John.
This track contains some very topical, very disappointing and very true lyrics.  As Tom sees it, 'There ain't no "Hard Times" coming, they're already here'.  Hungry people in the cities, politicians lie and steal, no jobs to find since they've been moved overseas..........and on and on.  Very well done vocally and the slide guitar adds a bit of a country sound to it.  As a matter of fact, it's my thought that given to an artist such as Trace Atkins, this one could be a smash hit on the country charts.  I'm already considering it for a song of the year "Blewzzy Award".   
"Just An Old Blues Man" features cool, well sung lyrics, outstanding rhythm, scorching lead guitar and melodic back up vocals....and yet it's a duet.  With Tom belting out the vocals, it's the extremely talented John Sevilla doing everything else.  Pssst, Tom - John needs a raise.
With all the different musicians who play many different instruments, it's the music that's pretty much been the highlight of many of the songs I've mentioned.  However, on "I Pray For Me", it's the vocals that steal the song.  The contrast between Tom's powerful, deep and slightly graveled voice and the equally powerful, higher pitched, angelic sounds of Candice and Bobbie on back up is a perfect blend.  This is the kind of song that listening to once is like being teased.  It just leaves you wanting to hear it again and again......which is exactly what I've done.  Easily one of the disc's best.  
Here I am, over an hour later and I'm still hearing lots of smoking music.  It's the closing track - which I think may sum up how long Buck 69 is able to endure this frantic pace - "All Night Long".  Musically it's similar to the opening track but only much faster and a lot more furious.  David and John are rhythmically out of control and the guitar slugfest between Alex and Randy on lead and slide is some of hardest rocking tandem playing these ears have ever had the pleasure of hearing.     
The other nine very good tracks on "No Medicine Like The Blues" include: "Ugly Teacher Blues", "Dead End Road", "That's Life", "Love Ain't Easy", "Tell Me Why", "Carry On", "Don't Shave My Beard (When I Die)", "Soakin' Up The Blues" and "My Car".
To find out more about Buck 69, just go to www.buck69.net.  While you're there, I strongly suggest that, besides telling them the Blewzzman sent you, you look into getting your hands on a copy of "No Medicine Like The Blues".  
Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com
2011 Keeping The Blues Alive Award Recipient